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"As an influencer it’s so refreshing to work with Komodo not only because they understand the power and importance of influencer marketing, but are able to hand pick the perfect people to create the standard of content for brands that is expected today. 


Komodo has been able to offer me the chance to travel the world and experience once in a lifetime opportunities. Not only does myself and everyone on the trips have the most amazing time but we create unrivalled social, video and campaign content. 


The Komodo team create such an amazing atmosphere on the trips that the content created is so organic and engaging. This is something that you can’t put a price on.


The vibe and genuineness of team Komodo is something I have never experienced with any other agency. I feel like I have known them all for years."


Sarah Ashcroft 


"The social media industry can sometimes be quite superficial and it is often difficult to figure out who to work with and who has the correct intentions. After hearing some amazing feedback from a friend, I agreed to go on my first Komodo trip to the Cook Islands. 


I was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the company as a whole. They have mastered the perfect balance between business and pleasure. 


Brand trips can often consist of companies striving to use influencers to their benefit and take as much as they can but Komodo is one of the very few companies I’ve encountered that genuinely care for your wellbeing, happiness and growth.


To people who follow their journeys on social media, it may look as though it is all fun and games, but I’ve never met a more passionate and hard-working group of people. The amount of effort they put in behind the scenes is unparalleled.


There is a warm and joyful energy the Komodo team bring to everything they do, which allows working with them to be both fun and beneficial for everyone involved.


Genuine relationships in this industry are hard to come by and I feel extremely lucky to have met the Komodo team and had the opportunity to join them on their route to success."


Samantha Rayner


I can honestly say that We Are Komodo is the most wonderful company I’ve ever worked for. Since February 2018, I have traveled the world and joined them on 8 different trips. Not only are the trips are so much fun but we genuinely create the most epic content for a variety of brands around the world! Lots of hard work goes on behind the scenes creating this content, and this definitely shows when we see the final result.


I speak on behalf of all the talented influencers who have been lucky enough to join Komodo, that there is no Krew like the Komodo Krew! Komodo has been part of my Instagram journey since day 1 and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


Tahlia Skaines


I’ve worked with Komodo on a few trips & projects now & I have to commend them on what they’ve created. They bring brands & influencers together & create awesome content for both parties to use across their social channels. They’re a pleasure to work with & it’s exciting seeing what they’re up to next


Sophie Hannah Richardson





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